Jean Stepnoski (8 Feb 2011)
"Nisan 1 in 2011 to 70 Year Generation Ending in 2018"

Dear Doves,
 The date of Nisan 1 in 2011 according to the Hillel calendar will be about 4-5. It will be month 1 and day 1 of the new Spiritual Year. A Jubilee would be announced on a particular Yom Kippur, yet begin on the following Nisan 1. Are we on the verge of the beginning of the last shavua,, the last 7 year Sabbatical Cycle of the 7 amounting to 49 years, complete as of Nisan 1 in 2018? Year 43 beginning the last shavua would begin on Nisan 1, around 3-16 -2011. If we add 2595 days to this date we arrive about 60 days past Nisan 1 in 2018. which is 3-16 to 17. The date of the additional 60 days complete will be nearly exactly on 5-14-2018. Would this be the blessed day of 1335? This will be one of the anniversary dates for the establishment of Israel as a nation in 1948 plus a generation of 70 years. The other date will be the date of Iyar 5, which is 4-20-2018. May we be WATCHING each day for The Master, The Captain of our Souls!
With Love and Shalom,