Jean Stepnoski (6 Feb 2011)
"With Thanks for Robert Belanger"

Dear Robert and Doves,
      Thank you, Robert, for your response to "My Testimony" by Mary Belle Habeger. Thank you for your editing, noting the typos I missed!  The experiences in it happened decades ago. She accepted Christ as her personal Savior and her Lord when she was 23 years old. When she died she was almost 90 years old. This was a blessed one who encouraged many, for decades, in her walk in faith. Mary Belle was the best kind of evangelist. She witnessed for personal convictions and conversions and fostered the faith in others, awaiting The Blessed Hope. Mary Belle was a student of Scriptural prophecy and  believed that The Blessed Hope is indeed near. Her notes on her readings in The Scriptures amazed and informed her pastor!  Her sphere of influence  was small town Wisconsin, in Evansville and Brodhead. One of the two causes dearest to her was The Rural Bible Crusade. After her funeral The Spirit convicted me to share her testimony with Doves all over the world  It was a thing she would have really appreciated, to help Doves in their walks in faith. If her testimony helps to convert one more person, she would like that most of all. Perhaps printed copies will even help others ahead in The 70th Week of Daniel! I pray this will happen, for even greater harvest of those redeemed, for Eternal Life!
      Even in death, at her behest, the Gospel was preached at her funeral to help convict unbelievers of their need for our Redeemer. How do I know there were unbelievers there? Two relatives of unbelief were there. There were at least two people who needed to hear The Good News of The Gospel, made possible by her and her pastor that day. I personally know that after her funeral, one was angry and the other was upset. The Spirit of Truth was working to convict each one of need for The Messiah/Christ. I am sure that outreach is a reason she was meant to die before The Blessed Hope. Please join me Robert and Doves in prayers for the conversions of the individuals of unbelief who were there at her funeral. I have always enjoyed reading your prayers shared with us, Robert. They have brought greater joy and solace to me. Her friend and pastor, Paul, announced that the day of her funeral was her Coronation Day. I hope our Day of Vindication, The Day of The Blessed Hope, is very near.  Bless you Robert and all the Doves. I hope to see each blessed and beloved Dove soon!
With Love and Shalom,