Jean Stepnoski (23 Feb 2011)
"Thank You Mary Anna and Robert"

Dear Mary Anna and Robert and Doves,
      Thank you for your replies and elaboration. The earlier calendar is the Torah Calendar which states that Nisan, month 1 of the Scriptural Year, will be starting 3-5 to 6 in 2011. There is no Adar II, month 13 added this year with this calendar, it adds it in 2012. The later calendar, the Hillel or Rabbinical Calendar, adds month 13 called Adar II this year during March so that Nisan begins a month later on 4-5 to 6 in 2011. You can find the torah calendar at I am looking first to the earlier calendar, the Torah Calendar,  since I want to be WATCHING each day of these potential 2 months ahead of us. I do not want to assume we have much more time remaining in The Age of Grace. Please forgive me for not being clearer with these calendars and dates. I hope The Blessed Hope is soon. Bless the Doves!
With Love and Shalom,