Jean Stepnoski (22 Feb 2011)
"With Thanks for Donna Danna"

Dear Donna and Doves,
      Thank you for your 2-21 post about Planet Tyche. If this is estimated to be 4 times the size of Planet Jupiter, this is massive. I did research to see how much Jupiter is larger than Planet Earth. Jupiter is 1331 times larger than Earth. Does this mean that Planet Tyche, the renamed "dark planet" which is also named Niribu or Planet X, is 5324 times larger than Planet Earth? If so, this is amazing! What kind of electo-magnetism, gravitational pressures, and geothermal pressures could this begin to cause as it approaches on its long elliptical orbit? Over months and years, would pressures intensify? F.M has estimated a time of 7 years for the nearer approach, pass by, and departure. Please read his post at on 2-7-2011 for more information. Tyche could act as a huge and powerful magnet, with space debris before it for months or years in its approach and behind it for months or years? If these are scientific facts, my imagination cannot begin to fathom them. Think of The Master's words about the promise for some "to escape all." "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done..."
With Love and Shalom,