Jean Stepnoski (21 Feb 2011)
"Reflections on 21 Days from Adar 24 to Nisan 13: Response for ML"

Dear Michelle and Doves,
      Thank you for your recent post at RFTH "Shall I Not..." It helped me to do more research on Nisan 13 in history. This was the date in 357 BCE when the King of Persia endorsed the evil plan of Haman "to destroy, kill, and annihilate all Jews, from young to old, infants and women, on a single day, on the 13th day of the 12th month, the month of Adar. On Nisan 13, 11 months before, proclamations of the decree were drafted and dispatched to all 127 countries of the Persian Empire.
      Another highlight of this day concerns Abram. We know him better as Abraham "father of a multitude of nations." According to the Midrash, this was the day in 1714 BCE when Adonai appeared to Avram, changing it to Abraham, and commanded him to be circumcised and all male members of his household, that day. All future descendants were to have the ritual of brit, on the 8th day of life. "My covenant (brit) shall be in your flesh, as an eternal covenant." This day in history is about an eternal covenant of blessing yet the cursing of Abraham's descendants alive in the life of Haman, an ultimate Jew hater and shadow type of the beast/antichrist to come. It is a curious day to remember and reflect upon The Blessing or Cursing of Abraham and his descendants, especially through Isaac. Nisan 13 is a tremendous day of contrasts of profound spiritual symbolism, either the blessings multiplied or the curses!
      If we link this date to 21 days, like the 21 Days in Daniel, we see 3 sets of 7. The next number after 7 would be 8. So we see an ending at Nisan 13, then the earlier Nisan 6 to 7, then the earlier Nisan 1,  then the earlier Adar 24. From Adar 24 to 30 is  the last week of the Spiritual Year on the current Torah Calendar, not the Rabbinical Calendar. According to the Torah Calendar, there is no Adar II this year, rather, the next month is Nisan. This is also called Abib or Aviv. The number 8, the number most associated with Noah would be the brit number. That brit number 8 may be  the last day of the Spiritual Year, beginning day 1 on Adar 24. The Last Day would be 3-5 to 6 in 2011. We are promised to be "raised up on the last day." Might it be the last day of the year, of the last month of Adar? Remember that if Nisan 1 in 2018 begins Jubilee Year, that the final shavua, the years 43-49 would begin on Nisan 1 in 2011! Do we have a warning of 7 to 8 days before the end of the Spiritual Year and the last shavua? Will the harvest of the redeemed be like the green barley,harvested as Nisan 1 begins for Israel while the rest of the world is finishing Adar 30 and the completed year? This barley was put into a skillet and roasted in FIRE. Lot and his family escaped the fire and brimstone, by escaping the destruction for others at Sodom and the other cities on the plain. On Nisan/Abib/Aviv 1 was the earliest harvest of the green and gold barley, green with bits of gold in the grain. Green Bay Packer colors are "The Green and Gold." Their third color is white. A barley field, approaching harvest appears to be white in the sunlight. What other professional football team has these colors? These are the colors for the barley in Abib/Aviv  in Israel on Nisan 1!
      Thank you, Michelle, for your recent kind words for me. May we reflect upon and look ahead to the remaining days of Adar, then The Last Great Day of Adar 30, then the new beginning day of Nisan 1, then Nisan 6 to 7, then Nisan 13. Might Nisan 13 be a covenant renewal day, again? Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,