Jean Stepnoski (2 Feb 2011)
"Historic Bill, Historic Blizzard"

Dear Doves,
      There is a link at defend the to the blog of John M. In his remarks on 2-1 he noted the historic signing on 1-31-2011 by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, at Chicago, concerning the Historic Civil Unions Law. This bill legalizes civil unions for gay and lesbian couples in Illinois. With it certain rights are recognized with official recognition from the state. These include the power to decide medical treatment for an ailing partner and the right to inherit a partner's property     
      Over an extended period of three days, from 1-31 to 2-2, is expected snowfall of a historic blizzard which may be record setting for Illinois. The accumulated snowfall for Chicago, perhaps record setting, is projected to amount to up to 20 inches.
      Psalm 148:8 is quoted in part. "Fire, and hail, snow and vapour; stormy wind fulfilling his word."
With Love and Shalom,