Jan Mikael (6 Feb 2011)
"Let's leave our own way, and do like Noah, listen to and only follow the way of God's !"


Have we been to selfish, looking to much for, talked to much about, and waited for the wrath from God, the destruction to come, followed by our own safe escape ??? 
Have we totaly forgot to ask: Lord: What is the Will, the Way of Yours ???

Forgot that: Noah only followed the will and way of God, only doing what the Lord He told him to do, - and I have'nt found a word, where Noah judge the people of his time, - He leaved it to the Almeighty God alone, who he listen to. He trust in, and in obey he followed the will, the way of God !

The same in the days of Lot, - the Lord and His Angels visited Abraham, and told him about the planed judgement over Sodom-Gommorah, - but not with a single word, Abraham condemmed the people of the evil towns, - on the contrary, - He
asked the Lord to save, and not destroy, if He found fairness, justice among 10, - and the Lord accepted it - how are we praying ???

I think we have some overseen situation, In the example of Jonah, he was send  with a warning to Nineveh. - and when he leaving Ninevah again, he took place on a high mountain, waiting for the judgement from the Almeighty God to happen.
but the king and people repented, and the Lord listen, saved them and postponed
the judgement in 40 years !!!

I admire Jonah for so openly telling us about his wrong reaction, - I'm sure he say to
us: Dont Do As I Did, - Leave the Judgement to the Almeighty God alone, - and pray for Hi's intervention for to save if possible !!! 
I'm sure it is also what Jesus He want us to see, understand, accept, and do.

It's time to read and re-read what Paul reveal for us in Romans chpt. 8th. - there we can read, that the Whole Creation are crying out to the Almeighty God for revealing of his Children, - it's impossible for us to forget, that our Great Creator and Father in Jesus Christ, - love all Hi's Creation. If we can't see that, then there is something realy wrong with our faith, - and we have forgot the price Jesus paied for our sin on the cross on Golgatha !!!

Dont you think, that our Great Creator the Almeighty God, listen to the christian's prayer, and the cry from the Creation, and our actuel situation, it perhaps is Hi's answer ??? 
If we go to Romans 8th. verse 28-29. Paul tell us about the preparation of the 'Children of God* - Jesus have paied for that to, you can read it in John 1:11-13.v. - symbolic prophecied in Isaiah 8:17-18.v - and taken up again in Hebrew 2:6-18.v.

So what we have to do, is Give Up Our Own Way, (laodicea-way) and let the Holy Spirit take totaly over in our Life, - He is the Divine Authority in our Time, - and He know exactly how to change all He want, He's simply Fantastic and Wonderful, but we have to listen to He's advice, and follow in obey - Praise the Lord !

Let's pray for each other, that the Lord will take totaly over in our life, and like John the Baptist said: He shall be Greater and I shall be Smaller. 
It's time to understand, the diference between the 'laodicean-way' and the 'Philadelphian-way' Rev. 3: 7-22.v. and to be prepared - it's time for us to leave our own way and ask for the Way of our Great God !

in the Love from our Lord and Love, Jesus Christ, - Maranatha,
ybic, Jan Mikael - jami@paradis.dk