Jan Mikael (26 Feb 2011)
"Big Events throw it's Shadow's forward's - alert: Christchurch, Conception, and sct.Joseph mine !"


Conception, sct.Joseph miner's, Christchurch - it's like a 1.2....(3) warning !
For years now, we have been given a lot of pieces, who point to our actuel situation in the world today. I think it's time for us, to put the pieces together in faith and spiritual unity. Let's not do the same mistake, the jewish priesthood did, with the birth of, and the 3 years work of Jesus ! - they simply dont believe in it, so the Lord send 3 astrologers from Kaldæa, and He revealed it to the sheperds on the fields, - 8 days later also to Anna and Simeon in the Temple, but the priesthood still dont understand.
Let's remember Marias words in Luke 1:46-55.v. and don't do the same mistake not to listen !
Thinking over the last earthquake in N.Z. - Christchurch mean's Christ,s Church, and in the terrible quake, a lot of different churches, even the town-symbol, Christchurch Cathedral, have been hit very badly.
But like in Port au Prince in Haiti, - the cross with Jesus Christ have not been touch. - Jesus sacrifize on Golgatha, is still our untouched possibility, - like a second warning a wake-up-call to the Church worldwide !
I believe the christian/gentile time, God's year of Grace, is quickly running out !
Conception means: - an act of conceive (give birth to) or start of something New, - a new plan, or a new idea.
sct Joseph Mine means: - Joseph's place, - and Chile means: - Where the land Ends !
1 - the first Conception earthquake - 27.o2.2o1o
2 - sct Joseph mine accident - 5.o8.2o1o
3 - the first Christchurch quake - 4.o9.2o1o
4 - the second Conception quake 11.o2.2o11
5 - the second Christchurch quake 22.o2.2o11
I'm sure the Lord try to tell us something, perhaps even test us: will you repent and prepare ? if you believe and trust in me, I will save you, exactly as I did with the miners in sct.Joseph, - take them out from the womb of the earth, and place them in safety in the (day) Light. - If you trust in me, I will take you out from the darkness and up to the Light.
In the Chile accident, they used a maschine, called 'Phoenix' (name of Egyptian 'Sun-Bird' - (Job. 29:18.v ?) it point to Heliopolis in Egypt, also called On.
and it point to Joseph, taken out from the darkness in Pharaohs prison, up in the (day) Light, to the throne of Pharaoh. who renamed Joseph, *Zaphenath-Paneah' (Genesis 41:45-46.v.) it means *God speaks and He lives' or: *He who Save'.) and Pharaoh also gave Joseph a wife Asenath, the daughter of the priest from On (from Heliopolis, the nest of Phoenix)
another thing: Mubarak's fall happen on the same day as the second Concepcion quake - 11.o2.2o11, again look at what happen in Egypt, dont you think our Lord He call for our attention and obey ???
It's time for us to pray and prepare, give all over to Jesus Christ, He alone know the Way for us to go, let's trust in obey, and always remember, Jesus Christ - is the Truth, - the Way - and the Life. - He is our true and only way to eternal life !
may God bless all of you, In the love from Jesus Christ, - Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael !