Jan Mikael (23 Feb 2011)
"Conception, sct Joseph miner's, Christchurch - a 1.2.3. connection !"


According the last earthquake in N.Z. - thinking it over: Christchurch can mean Christ Church (I know the old name was papanui) but the Churches even their town-symbol have been hit, only like in Port au Prince, - the cross with Jesus Christ have not been touch, He still is untouched - is this the second warning to the church, a wake-up-call, because our christian time is running out !
Conception means - the act of conceive (give birth) or start of something New, - a new plan, or a new idea.....
sct Joseph Mine means - Joseph place - and Chile means - where the land ends!
1 - the first Conception earthquake - 27.o2.2o1o
2 - sct Joseph mine accident - 5.o8.2o1o
3 - the first Christchurch quake - 4.o9.2o1o 
4 - the second Conception quake 11.o2.2o11
5 - the second Christchurch quake 22.o2.2o11
I'm totaly sure the Lord tell us something, perhaps: if you repent and prepare, if you believe and trust in me, I will save you, exactly as I did with the miners in sct.Joseph - take them out from the womb of the earth, and place them in safety in the daylight.
the maschine used, was named Phoenix. (name of Egyptian sun-bird, it point to Egypt, and to Joseph taken
out from the darkness in Pharaohs prison, up in the daylight, to the throne of Pharaoh.
Joseph he was even renamed 'Saphenat Phanea' meaning 'saviour' or he who save.) 
another thing: Mubarak's fall happen on the same day as the second Concepcion quake - 11.o2.2o11, dont you think our Lord He call for our attention and obey ???
We have to pray and prepare, give over to Jesus Christ, He know the Way for us to go, let's trust and obey.
In the love from Jesus, Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael !