Jan Mikael (19 Feb 2011)
"Our Almighty God and Father in Jesus Christ, answer Hi's creation's cry, and Hi's Children's prayer for Help !"


Dk, 19.o2.2o11, - friend's in Jesus Christ !
If we believe and trust in, that our Great Creator, our Father in Jesus Christ, listen to the cry from Hi's creation, and prayer from Hi's Children for intervention and help.
Then scroll down and read this message, a christian friend send to me, it reminded me a lot of my own experience till now !
We to often say that nothing happen, - but in fact: what do we realy know about the Almighty God's perfect Timing ???
Have we forgot that God answer prayer ??? and the creation's cry for to reveal the Children of Hi's ? - it could be the risen for why the Bible say, that when God finish Hi's work He will do it in Hast !!! - that He first will answer the cry and prayer, and intervene like in Nineveh, but only for a short time ???
I believe, trust in, and pray for it's the Plan of God's, but of course Hi's will be done.
Have a blessed Weekend in the Love from Jesus,
Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael !  ><> *

'The Final Great Awakening

An Endtime Revival 

Great Spiritual Awakenings have swept the world over the centuries.. They have changed lives and the very culture in which we live. An Awakening is a special time when God comes down and saturates a place and a people with His presence. There is a final Great Awakening coming.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Vision of the Final Great Awakening ! 

by Michael Edds
I was directed to verse 19 of [Isaiah 43]: Behold I WILL DO A NEW THING. Now it shall SPRING [BURST] FORTH. Shall ye not know it ?
The Lord was moving so quickly through the scriptures that I could hardly keep up. His presence was incredibly strong. I felt like I was floating.
Leaving Isaiah, the Lord took me to Joel 2:23: He will cause to come down for you the rain, THE FORMER RAIN AND THE LATTER RAIN IN THE FIRST MONTH.
Then Joel 2:28 was given which states: It shall come to pass afterwards that I WILL POUR OUT MY SPIRIT ON ALL FLESH. Your sons and daughters shall PROPHESY, YOUR OLD MEN SHALL DREAM DREAMS and your YOUNG MEN SHALL SEE VISIONS.
Finally, Genesis 26:18 finished the scriptures that the Lord was rapidly giving me: AND ISAAC DUG AGAIN the WELLS of water which they had DUG IN THE DAYS OF ABRAHAM HIS FATHER.

The Lord said, What once was shall be again.
politics that have nearly destroyed His  He is going to restore HIS church by returning the Faith of our Fathers to their children (descendants) and the children (descendants) to the Faith of our Fathers.

The old wells will BURST forth and the fallen mantles will be picked up. This will be a suddenly.
Isaiah speaks of it occurring in the desert places and on the barren heights. In other words, it will happen in the most unlikely of places.

The Lord continued His interpretation of the vision by explaining to me that NEW FOUNTAINS would gush or break forth also. Something that has never occurred in any Great Awakening or in any historic move of God will exploded upon the scene in our day. 

Joel 2:23 speaks of God sending the former rain (the Old Wells of revival) and the latter rain (The New Fountains) in the SAME MONTH!!! In other words, all of the moves of God and fallen mantles from Pentecost until now will be reopened and picked up and combined with a totally New Thing from God. It will literally shake the church and the world.
He will not allow the church to go out defeated.

God has been preparing a "Joseph Generation" that has been enrolled in the "School of Dung. In this schooling, they have endured the pain of rejection, slander and isolation. The Word of the Lord has tried them severely. They cry out, God why? All I wanted to do is serve you. All seems to have gone to hell in a hand basket. It seems just the opposite of what You promised. I am lonely, the organized church thinks I am crazy, a fanatic, out on a limb. They have rejected me and hated me because of my love for you. WHY, OH LORD?

God has been preparing and perfecting these "Josephs" in the darkness and in the prison houses of loneliness and isolation for a day and hour that they will be unleashed as a secret weapon on the kingdom of darkness. He has allowed all of these things to happen to them for their good. He has prepared a people whom He can trust with His power, gifts, and anointing. In holiness, humility and boldness they will fulfill His plans in our day. They will give HIM the glory. They will give HIM total control of the coming Great Awakening. The door of their prison house of utter loneliness and rejection is about to open. Their word is about to come.
That word is the King has need of thee. In a moment, they will be ushered from prison to position. In a moment, they will fully understand their long and severe sufferings. In a moment, they will be brought out into the light of God's divine destiny for them. God will greatly use them to lead the Coming Great Awakening.

Along with this final Great Awakening is coming Divine Judgment. Isaiah 35:4 declares, Your God shall come with vengeance, even God with a recompense. God is going to overthrow the abuse and control of man in His church. He's going to take back the "ship" that has been turned into a luxury liner and restore her back to her original state: a ship of war.
HE IS GOING TO TAKE BACK CONTROL OF HIS CHURCH!!! The Church is HIS bride, not someone else.

This nation is going to be greatly shaken. The First Great Awakening preceded the American Revolution. Before the Second Great Awakening began at Cane Ridge, Kentucky, a massive epidemic of Cholera occurred. In its early days, the Third Great Awakening saw every bank in the nation collapse. This awakening was followed by the greatest disaster in American History when the nation was ripped apart and 600,000 Americans perished in the horrific War Between The States. A great earthquake hit California at the same time as the Azusa Street Outpouring.
He is going to shake the Church and this nation. Only that which is of Him will be left standing.

A great hunger for repentance, seeking God, seeking holiness,  seeking truth has exploded within the "Joseph Generation." They have studied, researched and sought out the Old Wells of revival. They intensely hunger for God to do it again! They cry out, Just one more time, oh Lord !
Programs, politics, personalities, manipulation, and plans in the church sicken them. THEY MUST HAVE GOD ! They MUST be in His presence!
They are meeting in the homes, in the fields, in the woods, in their prayer closets and any place that they can totally seek His face. Their despair has turned into an all-consuming hunger that says, - Give me God or let me die. 
GOD HAS HEARD ! He is about to reopen the old wells of revival, He is picking up the fallen mantles and placing them on men and women, and He is about to do a new thing!

Every Awakening has incurred the wrath and persecution of man.
When the Presence and holiness of God confronts mankind, they must make a decision for or against Him.
When they choose to reject Him, they lash out and fight against His messengers. In the mid-1700s, the Baptist in Colonial Virginia were beaten, imprisoned, and killed for preaching the Gospel.
The Methodist circuit riders were jailed, tarred and feathered, beaten, abused and martyred for the message of God.
The reason there is little persecution against the Church in America today is that there is so little of the Presence and Message of God to confront mankind.
The world has heard how to get rich, how to prosper, how to have self-esteem, and to feel good.
They have not heard the message, Repent or perish.
They have not heard the anointed Word of God that demands a decision. Be forewarned, The Final Great Awakening will usher in a wave of persecution against the true Church of God..

Old Wells of Revival are on the threshold of being reopened. Fallen Mantles of ministry are being picked up.
New Fountains are rumbling beneath the surface and about to burst forth.
Frank Bartleman (chronicler of the Azusa Awakening) said,
To understand what God is going to do, we must understand what He once did.
The most incredible move of God will suddenly explode upon the scene.

Judgment and a great shaking are coming to the land and to the church.
Persecution of the Isaacs and Josephs, the true saints of God will occur.
However, they will be covered with such zeal and boldness, they will be like the Fathers of old:
And they loved not their lives even until death. - (Rev 12:11) God will harvest a holy remnant from this generation. He will have a church that is without spot or wrinkle, a pure bride for His Son. Be encouraged. Lift up your heads.
Your God has come ! -The King has need of thee !