Jan Mikael (19 Feb 2011)
"Re. to JERRY G: My ALMOST SIMILAR DREAM from late sept. 1998 !"


Dk, 18.o2.2o11, to Jerry Grenough !
I was taken by surprise when I read your dream-vision, it is almost similar to my own. So even I have said to my-self, I will not mention it again, I do it because of I feel it's something like a confirmation to me, but also to you I hope !!!
I believe, that my dream have unfolded itself from that year (end of 1998) I have it, until today.
Exactly as if you are standing on a hill-top, looking at other hill-tops, but not from first of, being aware of, that the valleys between the hill-tops, - could mean Times and Events who have to happen first ?
I beliewe all endtime dream-vision's and prophecies, is like a great puzzle, where all pieces will confirm each other, if they talk about the same event, so here we go again:

In the end of sept.1998 I have this dream,
* " I was floating out in the space, high over the earth. And I could see all the other planets and stars, arround, under and over me.
We were three people, floating few meters from each other, all in white robes/clothes, and young to look at. Suddenly I saw a calendar behind one of the other, and I looked at it, the person asked me: do you see, and I answered yes, but what does it mean ? 
(I saw 1999 on the calendar) then I heard a voice say: because of what have Happen in the End of March, their Plan for April, has Changes to the Start, (first) of July !
Then we all looked down at Earth, and saw something like a 'Great Firework' from one side of Earth, from a Country or a Continent, - there were a Celebration, a Feast of a Kind.
But suddenly we saw rockets and missiles, come from the other side of the Earth, and in a split second all changes. Missiles and rockets goes to and fro, all arround the Earth, they exploded in a great inferno everywhere, even out in the space round us.
in a way, it not frighten us, we floated close to each other, and said: Oh, Finally its Over !
I waked up, with these words: Because of something who happen in the end of MARCH,
their plan for APRIL have changed, and moved to the first, (beginning ?) of JULY." * 
- end of my dream ! 
PS: thinking over my dream, the words, - it all happen because of - LIEs and BETRAYAL - came to me !
One thing more, one of us three in my dream, then have been death for 30 years, so it were living and dead together. we were all in long white robes, there could have been other people, but I was concentrated about what happen in front of me. - It must be a rapture-dream, it would explain the word's: (who chocked me afterward's) Oh, Finally it's Over ! 
We have been given a lot of warning's, to repent and to get finish with this world, and it's regime, and religious entertainment.
So let's prepare for to meet Jesus Christ our Lord soon !
Maranatha, - in the love from Jesus, ybic, Jan Mikael ! 

Jerry G. dream-vision about a Nuclear attack on US. !.eml
Jerry G. dream-vision about a Nuclear attack on US. !
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