Jan Mikael (11 Feb 2011)
"From this moment on, there shall be no more Lack !!!"


         >From this moment on, there shall be No More Lack !!!

To those that have been faithful and diligent: I am releasing a decree
over you this day: that from this moment on, there shall be no more lack.

I will increase in you more and more. I am enlarging your borders and I
am extending My scepter to you.
The windows and flood gates of Heaven have been opened up over you
this day, and you shall see promises that I have spoken over you come
to pass quickly.

You shall live in perpetual blessings. Yes, I will bless you beyond
measure, beyond what you have asked for, or thought of.
I am blessing you so that you might be a blessing; I am blessing you
to advance My kingdom in the earth for this time and season.

I have decreed it, and it shall be !!!
So Sanctify your-self, for I will do wonders among you !!!