James S (14 Feb 2011)
" To Fay: Re: Suzi and Doves re "V""



Hi Fay,

Here is a link to ABC Television, and the show "V". I haven't tried, but I think you can watch full episodes here at this link. I hope this works for you. They are definitely (the elite) are revealing to us, what they are going to do in the near future, in part, through the storylines and events that take place in this popular TV series, when they really do parade these type of creatures out in front of the whole world to see. This show is most certainly being used to facilitate/bring about the "strong delusion" that God is sending on the world regarding the true identity of the fallen angels that are portrayed on "V."
As we well know, it can't be too much longer before we are shown the "real life" "V's" on our TV and computer screens at home in our own living rooms while we are eating our evening dinner.

Blessings and divine revelations to you and all the Doves,
James S.