Isaac Jordan (22 Feb 2011)
"Prayer Requests"


Dear Doves,

Please pray for peace in the Florida sister cities of St. Petersburg and Tampa.  This past night there was another critical shooting of a St. Pete Police Officer almost a month to the day of the double homicide of two other St. Pete PD officers.  The city of Tampa has lost three officers in less than 20 months as of today.  Please pray for success for these officers in apprehending the man who shot the officer without further casualties.  Please pray for wisdom on the part of St. Pete City Council to confront the festering racial wounds that divide the city right in half down its' Central Avenue.

Please pray for the City of Christ Church, New Zealand.  While we all look to the quake as a sign that Christ's return to snatch the church is IMMINENT, there are many people buried in hellish ruble, pierced through by parts of buildings, and dying as I type this message.  Pray for the salvation of the trapped, that they would not enter hell. 

Please pray for me and my work situation.  I believe that The Lord is going to move me on from my jobs to another position.  He keeps dropping me what seem to be hints, but I continue wonder if I am just stupidly reading something into nothing. 

Thanks Doves!