Gina McCray (26 Feb 2011)
"BALD EAGLES " falling from the sky" - 7,000 reduced to 400"

Bald eagles just falling from the sky-

7,000 reduced to 400!

Many surviving eagles are feasting at trash dumps, which is unheard of for eagles.
The majestic eagle is the symbol of America. Their deaths and the feasting at the trash dumps seems to represent not only the current, but also, the future America.
The narrator of the video is correct-it is the disruption in the food chain causing these eagles' starvation.The dying fish and other wildlife dying en masse this year, from changes in magnetism or whatever has been happening, will just continue to snowball; due to the food chain disruption.
God created everything in nature,to operate together and very precisely, just as He made our bodies to operate. One little thing thrown off kilter can throw the whole thing off!
We are seeing it happen and it seems that no one wants to hear it, see it or admit it!