Gerry Almond (24 Feb 2011)

All Doves...

You already know this, but let it be said again.  We are the children of the living GOD, CREATOR of heaven and earth, sustainer of all things, and the LOVER of our souls.  We, who are watching and therefore purifying ourselves are  the beloved BRIDE that He is coming for.

All these terrible events on earth, earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, droughts, famines, murders, sorceries, lying, dirty politics, war mongering, greed, sloth, etc that so upset us SHOULD NOT.  We will be delivered from it and even if we lose our lives, we still gain heaven. No one can take it away, not you, yourself, nor the evil one, nor the evil elite, nor an angel, nor circumstance.  IF THESE AWFUL THINGS WE SEE WERE NOT BEING SEEN, WE WOULD NOT BE NEAR THE RAPTURE.

Rejoice when you see all these things, for your redemption draweth nigh. Get your eyes off them and LOOK UP.

I understand the human feeling of outrage...I have them too.  But my hope is in my CREATOR, maker of heaven and earth.


Gerry Almond