Gerry Almond (22 Feb 2011)

It is nice to know that someone pays attention to postings.  I appreciate your remarks and have no problem agreeing with your start times.  I just know that they have been riding for a very long time, except for the green horse which is relatively recently.  They all ride to the end...i. e. Armageddon.

You are also right that about 1.8 billion of about 6.8 billion are Islamic.  This is about 1/4 of the earth's human population.  Amazing how the prophecies are fulfilled, isn't it?

The sixth seal brings the return of Jesus Christ to put down the armies of the end.

This green horse and its rider, which is death, describes the deadly martyr complex that this way of life has.  And hell follows, for they may expect virgins, but they will get hell.  And their favorite way of killing (aside from bombs) is the sword to cut off the head of their enemies, who is anyone not them.  And they are bestial in their character and can be compared to the beasts of the earth.

If you haven't read it, I posted about the miraculous birth of modern Israel a few days ago.  Please read it.  It confirms the end to December 7, 2015, and counting back 1,335 days, the middle of the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy to be April 11/12, 2012.


P. S.  I think we can look for Jesus return April 5-12 or Nisan 1 - 7 this year.  I have a post on that yesterday on 5 doves.