Gerry Almond (21 Feb 2011)

I have written before about the "sign of Noah" including the 365 days Noah was in the ark.  It is carefully divided by scripture in Genesis 7 & 8 into periods of time, but the total days aboard were 365.  Add to that the 7 days warning and call into the ark and the grand total is 372.

It is fascinating that the Hebrew and Greek gematria value of Jesus is 888.  If you take 1,260 days of the first 1/2 of the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy and subtract 888 days from it, you have 372.  Isn't that interesting?

Now, that includes 7 days warning.  From October 29/30, 2008, the start of the 70th week until 888 days later is April 5/6, 2011.  Wait 7 more days and you have April 12/13, 2011.  Then, the destruction begins and lasts 365 days until the abomination that makes desolate rises in Jerusalem. 

The time divisions are:

Apr 5/6.......7 days to destruction, the warning given
Apr 12/13....40 days comparative destruction to the rains of Noah
May 22/23..110 days comparative to the earth covered with water.
Sept 9/10.....74 days comparative to ? after the ark first found land on Ararat
Nov 22/23....40 days comparative to ? waiting for dry waters to recede further
Jan 1/2..... ...21 days comparative to ?  raven sent, then 3 doves 7 days apart
Jan 22/23.....22 days comparative to ? further wait for reason not given
Feb 13/14.....57 days comparative to ? awaiting dry land
Apr 11/12.......1 day comparative to ? exiting the ark to dry land.

Total..........372 days from warning to come in to ark to exiting on dry land.

The exit brings them to a new world, but one more hostile and less perfect than that they had known.

I think these counts may have something to do with major points relating to Israel during the year leading up to the revealing of the man of sin as the abomination that makes desolate.

This makes me think that the best guess for the rapture will be April 12, the end of the 7 day warning.  Sudden destruction would be equivalent to the massive rains that went for 40 days and nights.  Perhaps rains of nuclear bombs?  Or natural phenomena maybe?

The line looks like this:

Oct 29/30, 2008.....888 days.......!...7 days warning..!......365 days to midweek...!


I have posted that the Miracle existence of Israel runs 120 years of 360 days for a total of 43,200 days.  That is the exact time Noah had to prepare the ark , and it is the exact time from Theodor Herzel's founding of the Jewish presence Palestine until the end of the tetrads of eclipses signifying the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy plus the 75 days of Daniel 12.  Total days?  August 31, 1897, Theodor Herzel's Founding of the Jewish presence anew until December 7, 2015, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  The count?  43,200 days.  That means that the Abomination of Desolation must come April 12, 2012.

It means to me that the best estimate of when we will be raptured according to Matthew 24 "as it was in the days of Noah" is April 11/12, 2011.  From this date of February 20, 2011, that is only 50 days.  The way the world is behaving right now, it looks like it is on schedule to me.

Whatever betides.....keep looking up, our redemption draws nigh.

Yours in His Service

Gerry Almond