Gerry Almond (17 Feb 2011)

The gematria value of Jesus, the only perfect man, is 888.  The gematria value of the only fully evil and imperfect man is 666.  The difference is 222, the number of division in body, soul, and spirit.  Man is thus short of the glory of God by 222.

Man consists of a body, soul, and spirit.  He is therefore in the image of God in the sense that he is a three part being, just as Almighty God is in three persons.  We know of God's makeup as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We know of man's makeup as Body, Soul, and Spirit.  Man is therefore spiritual and can connect with his Creator.

Every man at birth is numbered 688.  That is, his body is a 6, his soul is innocent and is therefore 8 and his spirit has not rejected God and is an 8. Later, at the time of "accountability to God" as it is called, when he is aware of sin and its separation between him and God, he is numbered 660.  That is, his body is 6, his soul is now a 6, and his spirit dies, it is dead and is 0.  If he never accepts Christ as his Savior and Lord, he will die in his sins and will forever be short of God's glory as a 660.  He can never be anything else.

When a man accepts Christ as his Lord and Savior, he is "born again and becomes a 688 again, that is only his body is the same.  It has to be supernaturally changed or die and be resurrected in order for it to achieve the status of 8.

At the resurrection/rapture, all saints who are 688, will be raised to 888, and be like the Savior.

Only one man in this age can be a 666.  That man will be entered in his spirit by Satan himself (Satan is a spiritual being) and become Satan in person.  His body will be a 6, his soul a 6, and his spirit a 6.

Aren't you glad you accepted Jesus?  I sure am.


Gerry Almond