Gerry Almond (16 Feb 2011)
"For Your Information on the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse"

There is airing now on TBN TV a program presented by Irvin Baxter on his program entitled "The End of the Age".  On it he is discussing the 4 horsemen above.

The Zechariah 6: 1-8 and Revelation 6:1-8 both speak of these horses.  They are called "spirits" as opposed to actual animals.  They are also RELIGIONS, OR WAYS OF LIFE in the definition of what a religion is.

His identification of the 4 are as follows:

1.  White Horse and horseman....Catholicism.  The man is the Pope who was crowned in 983 with a three tier crown which is today on display in the Vatican museum.  He rides with a bow, but no, he uses the Bible loosely and does not kill (although Catholicism has been bloody, especially during the inquisition).  Notably, the major color of the Pope is WHITE, as to his dress, his popemobile, helicopter, headdress, etc.

2.  Red Horse and horseman....Communisim (and its first cousin Socialism).  This he says refers to the movement in the world known as the Reds.  China, Korea, RUSSIA, THE MOTHER, Rumania, etc.  This horse went out in 1917 and dominated the eastern world until its fall in 1989 at the Berlin Wall.  It is in resurgency today.  The rider has a great sword (nuclear power) and it intends to kill the middle east.

3.  Black Horse and horseman.  Capitalism.  This movement has the "heart of a man" and the rider carries scales.  This is symbolic of commerce and trade and is a lifestyle of the Western powers.  Its run started in 1945 with the end of WW2 as the greatest of capitalism, the U. S. A. ended isolation and went worldwide in order to counter the Reds, who were threatening to take over the world. 

4.  Pale Horse and horseman.  Islamism.  First, understand that the word translated as pale in the KJV comes from the Greek word "chloros" from which we chlorophyll, the green of the earth.  The correct color of this horse is GREEN.  That is the official color of Islam and is seen everywhere, especially the religious sites.  It came to the fore about 1996 or 1997 with the attack on the ship Cole, and really came to at the destruction of the Twin Towers in NYC 9/11.2001. 

The riders have been riding since 983, the White to the end, the red to  the end, the black to the end, and the green to the end.  All meet their doom at Armageddon.

Remember Irvin Baxter says, these are SPIRITS, according the the Word.  And they are with us in full display at this writing. 

As we know, the antichrist comes out of the black religion of capitalism.  I recommend that you watch the series.

Glory to God for His magnificence.


Gerry Almond