Gail (7 Feb 2011)
"Another Watch, and the "Crafty Counsel" of Psalm 83."

I am keeping an eye on the February 8 time frame.
I always felt the Korea peninsula would be at the beginning of endtime wrap up.

Rival Koreas gear up for talks this week to ease tension.


The two sides agreed last week to hold a preliminary round of military talks on February 8 to set the time and agenda for higher-level talks, possibly between their defense ministers.

Psalm 83 war
One of the synonyms of the word crafty is the word - calculating.
One definition of the word calculating -
marked by prudent analysis or by shrewd consideration of self-interest.
I think the Psalm 83 war fits that description.
The MidEast upheaval that started in Tunisia and spread to Egypt, was about government corruption that led to  masses of the population impoverished lifestyles.
Now you've got an Islamic revolution that no-one can contain. 
Islamic militants that resort to terrorism to overthrow governments many of whom have alot of U.S. military weaponry at their disposal, such as is the case of Egypt.
(just recently)
A natural gas pipeline that runs through Egypt's North Sinai exploded Saturday, disrupting flows to Israel and Jordan.

"It is a big terrorist operation", a state TV reporter said.

A security source in North Sinai said "foreign elements" targeted the branch of the pipe that supplies Jordan.

The pipeline supplies 80% of Jordans energy needs.


Egypt has natural-gas reserves of 77 trillion cubic feet (2.18 trillion cubic meters) and is the main producer of the hydrocarbon in the eastern Mediterranean, according to the U.S. Energy Department. The country exported 650 billion cubic feet of gas in 2009, 30 percent by either the Arab gas pipeline to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, or to Israel through the El-Arish- Ashkelon line, according to the U.S. department’s figures.





Remember who recently came into a huge natural gas find- Israel.



Sun Feb 6, 

JERUSALEM – An explosion at an Egyptian gas terminal that disrupted the supply of fuel to Israel had Israeli officials pressing Sunday to speed development of a natural gas deposit that they say can make Israel energy independent.

Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau wants the government to back loans so financing can be obtained to develop the Tamar field, off Israel's coast in the Mediterranean Sea. Landau also favors exempting the field's developers from a proposed windfall tax.

"We have to do everything to improve Israel's energy security,".  "It is Israel's obligation to remove as soon as possible every obstacle" to developing Tamar, he said.


Israel's Tamar field is said to contain about 8 trillion cubic meters of gas. In December, gas exploration companies led by U.S.-based Noble Energy announced that another deposit in Israeli waters, Leviathan, contained some 16 trillion cubic meters.





And there, I believe, is your "crafty counsel" spoken of regarding the Psalm 83 attack against Israel. 

The attack will not only seek to obliterate Israel, but confiscate an energy windfall.






The muslim governments while scrambling to form some kind of coalition with radical groups like the muslim brotherhood, cannot contain the terrorism and the prison escapees.

Several of whom returned to Gaza to a hero's welcome.



And remember that palestinian resolution, now before the UN Security Council's 15 members and waiting for Arab foreign ministers to set the date to press for a vote?


My theory is terrorist acts carried out in Gaza now would be much greater and provoke a quick, decisive military response from Israel on a greater scale yet.



And how many friends did the winter of 2008-2009 Gaza three week conflict garner Israel?



The high number of civilian casualties led critics to accuse Israel of committing a massacre.


In September 2009, a UN special mission, headed by Justice Richard Goldstone, produced a controversial report accusing both Palestinian militants and Israeli Defense Forces of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity, and recommended bringing those responsible to justice.



Back to my theory.

This time when Israel responds to terrorist attacks from Gaza, they will be met with the same condemnation, and the Arab foreign ministers will submit the resolution in New York city for a vote. The UN security council will all vote in favor of the division of Israel. 



On one hand fulfilling 1stThessalonians 5:3


 "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. "




And on the other, ensuring the U.S.'s demise revealed to minister John Kilpatrick, for our government's participation.




And there's more.  There is so much more I could write.



P.Charles is the antichrist.

His major contact in the MiddleEast is the Emir of Qatar. He works 'hand-in-hand' with P.Charles, and also owns Al jazeera TV.


Mideast unrest highlights tiny Qatar's big role -

There aren't many places higher in the Arab pecking order.

Hyper-rich Qatar is again showing its outsized influence as patron of Al-Jazeera, the pan-Arab broadcaster whose blanket TV coverage of the upheaval in Egypt and elsewhere is blamed by some critics for encouraging unrest and hailed by many others as a voice of Arab empowerment.






I wrote in my last post about watching the rotation of sunspot '1150'.  Although it faded, any sunspot rotating/arriving at 60 degrees west longitude on the sun's surface would be on the superhighway which is conducive to earth's magnetic field. (Looking at the Sun, 60 degrees west longitude, is all the way to the right, and in the middle).

And we have plenty of that stored up Aurora energy needed for higher solar storm levels.




God Bless,