Gail (26 Feb 2011)
"Zech.12:2  Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling.. Oil, Psalms 83 War, Gaza rockets explode in Israel"

I posted on Feb.6th, & 12th the oil connection/definition of Psalms 83 war.

Psalms 83 war

verse 3:


They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones.



One of the synonyms of the word crafty is the word - calculating.

One definition of the word calculating -


marked by prudent analysis or by shrewd consideration of self-interest.



I think the Psalms 83 war fits that description.


Islamic revolution that no-one can contain. 

Islamic militants that resort to terrorism to overthrow governments some of whom have alot of U.S. military weaponry at their disposal, such as is the case of Egypt.


Egypt has natural-gas reserves of 77 trillion cubic feet (2.18 trillion cubic meters) and is the main producer of the hydrocarbon in the eastern Mediterranean, according to the U.S. Energy Department. The country exported 650 billion cubic feet of gas in 2009, 30 percent by either the Arab gas pipeline to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, or to Israel through the El-Arish- Ashkelon line, according to the U.S. department’s figures. 



Remember who recently came into a huge natural gas find- Israel.



Sun Feb 6, 

JERUSALEM – An explosion at an Egyptian gas terminal that disrupted the supply of fuel to Israel had Israeli officials pressing Sunday to speed development of a natural gas deposit that they say can make Israel energy independent.

Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau wants the government to back loans so financing can be obtained to develop the Tamar field, off Israel's coast in the Mediterranean Sea. Landau also favors exempting the field's developers from a proposed windfall tax.

"We have to do everything to improve Israel's energy security,".  "It is Israel's obligation to remove as soon as possible every obstacle" to developing Tamar, he said.


Israel's Tamar field is said to contain about 8 trillion cubic meters of gas. In December, gas exploration companies led by U.S.-based Noble Energy announced that another deposit in Israeli waters, Leviathan, contained some 16 trillion cubic meters. 



And there, I believe, is your "crafty counsel" spoken of regarding the Psalms 83 attack against Israel. 

The attack will not only seek to obliterate Israel, but confiscate an energy windfall.




WASHINGTON/RIYADH Feb.25 - The world can weather a spike in oil prices, U.S. President Barack Obama said, as Saudi Arabia offered some respite to fears over Middle East oil supplies by indicating it can cover export cuts resulting from Libya's civil war.


But they can't.


The Truth Behind Saudi Arabia’s Oil Supply

We’ve suspected for some time Saudi Arabia has less oil in the ground than they claim. Apparently so do diplomats in the US State Department.


Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company, Saudi Aramco.

In 2007, Aramco’s former head of exploration Sadad al-Husseini told the US consul general in Riyadh that the firm had purposely overstated its reserves by 40% to spur foreign investment.


And the grades of crude are different, requiring different types of refining, not easily meet on a large scale.


The time taken to bring those Saudi barrels to the market is likely to be significantly longer compared to the ongoing Libyan production. Thus, the concept of a barrel for barrel replacement is not a correct one.



Gadhafi, the wild card, will he blow up oil pipelines in the face of a NATO strike or UN sanctions against him?



And I posted on Feb.6th about terrorists acts carried out against Israel leading to another post-2008-2009 gaza conflict that the UN and the world community will condemn Israel for their response to yet again.


Don't test Israel, Netanyahu warns Gaza militants Feb.24 2011

JERUSALEM (AFP) – Israel on Thursday warned militants in the Gaza Strip not to "test" the Jewish state, as fighter jets pounded targets across the coastal enclave after a Palestinian rocket attack.



Planned Israeli Pro-Zionist March in Yafo Causes Controversy Feb.25


"The time has come to stand up to the Islamists who are calling for a revolution in central Israel like those in the Arab world,”


Nationalist activists led by MK Michael Ben-Ari are planning to show their pride in being Israeli Zionists in the midst of the mixed Arab-Jewish neighborhood of Yafo, just south of Tel Aviv. The activists plan to march through Yafo next week holding Israeli flags.



Is the ultimate clash poised for this coming week in Israel?



Feb.25 2011

EARTH DODGES A BULLET: New sunspot 1163 doesn't look very impressive, but the M3-class flare it unleashed yesterday was absolutely spectacular.

Sunspot 1163 will continue turning toward Earth in the days ahead, setting the stage for more potent geo-effects if the eruptions continue.



Sure looks that way.


God Bless,