Gail (2 Feb 2011)
"Something to keep a close eye on."

 The part of Solar Weather that also really bears watching is the one Sunspot on the Sun's surface right now, numbered "1150".  
Could well be prophetic for upcoming Solar Storm because of where it is headed.
I came across this article:

Nov 30, 2005
The Explosion that Shattered Solar Theory



In January 2005, some remarkable things happened on the Sun, and the implications are still reverberating through the scientific community. Between January 15th and 19th four powerful solar flares erupted from “sunspot 720”


Then on January 20 the fifth explosion produced a coronal mass ejection (CME) that achieved velocities incomparably greater than anything astronomers had seen before. While it often takes more than 24 hours for the charged particles of a solar outburst to reach the Earth, this one was a profound exceptionJust thirty minutes after the explosion, Earth (some 96 million miles from the Sun) was immersed in what NASA scientists called “the most intense proton storm in decades”.



Though the speeds of typical CMEs are impressive, and have posed a deep mystery for decades, they do not come close to the speed of the January 20th ejection. Light from the Sun (or from a solar flare) reaches Earth in 8 minutes. An ejection reaching Earth in 30 minutes must be rapidly accelerated to velocities more than a quarter of the speed of light. From the traditional viewpoint, this is unthinkable. And yet it happened.



Reflecting on the January 20th outburst, astrophysicist Robert Lin of UC Berkeley affirmed that, “We have an important clue”. He noted that when the explosion occurred, sunspot 720 was located at a special place on the Sun: 60 degrees west longitude. This is significant, he said, because from this location “the sunspot was magnetically connected to Earth”. By this he meant that the lines of force of the Sun’s magnetic field, followed outward from that point along their spiraling path, lead directly to the Earth. The NASA headline article called this “a superhighway for protons leading all the way from sunspot 720 to our planet”.




Back to the current Sunspot 1150.  Watch it in it's rotational pattern on the Sun.
It's  growing and headed (I believe), for that same   SuperHighway  60 degrees west longitude location.
What is King Abdullah II (Jordan) planning on the Temple Mount with their huge generators ?
The Islamic Waqf that manages the temple mount, has always worked 'hand in hand' with Jordan.

Jordan quietly gaining Temple Mount control

Source: WorldNetDaily

March 13, 2007

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is secretly buying up all the property around Jerusalem's Temple Mount and is seeking control of the summit of the adjacent Mount of Olives.

According to "Palestinian" Muslim sources, the Jordanian government is making the purchases through shell companies to mask its own involvement.


That news coincides with last month's appointment of a new manager of the Islamic trust that administers the Temple Mount. The new head of the Waqf, Sheikh Azzam Khateeb, is said to be loyal to the Jordanian monarchy.

Jordan previously controlled eastern Jerusalem and the Temple Mount from 1948 to 1967, when those areas were liberated by Israel.

Many Jews and Christians saw the liberation as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy necessary to pave the way for the rebuilding of Israel's temple to the Almighty and the coming of Messiah.

Likewise, Jordan's efforts to reverse that fulfillment and reestablish Islamic hegemony is seen as an attempt to thwart God's plans.






Jordan's king sacks entire Cabinet amid street protests


King Adullah nominates ex-army general Marouf al-Bakhit as prime minister after thousands of Jordanians take to the streets and call for the current PM to resign, due to rise in food, fuel prices.






King Abdullah II is the false prophet.
P. Charles of the british monarchy is the anti-christ.
I am 110% sure of both.
God Bless,