Friedrich Wenz (23 Feb 2011)
""It Is Not A Passing Cloud""

This is an amazing comment from a Saudi Arabia news website



Mon, 21 February 2011

By Ghassan Charbel


“It Is Not A Passing Cloud”


The past decades have not been easy on the Middle East. There were explosions that left their mark on the region’s features. The Iranian Revolution uprooted the Shah’s regime and imposed a new lexicon; Saddam Hussein’s army penetrated the Iranian territory; the Israeli army occupied Beirut and forced Yasser Arafat to leave it. Saddam’s army invaded Kuwait, and the world rose to discipline him. The Oslo Agreement was signed in the White House Rose Garden….

All the above events were great and significant or dangerous. But we wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said that what the Middle East is presently going through is more significant and dangerous, and that it is unprecedented. What is also unprecedented is the fear prevailing in the region’s countries….

The events that are happening are not a passing cloud. Just by observing what is taking place in Libya, Yemen, Algeria, Morocco, Bahrain, and Iran, we can conclude that these are not passing winds. It is a storm that is troubling the region, as is evident from the fact that Tunisia and Egypt do not live in the shadow of Ben Ali and Mubarak anymore. Nothing indicates that the storm has lost its momentum and that its impact will not expand further. We are obviously witnessing the end of an era and the start of another.

It is not a passing cloud; rather, it is a cluster of black clouds that came together, amassed, and whose electro-magnetic charges increased. Thus, the countries are worried and confused, just like a plane that suddenly discovers it entered a zone of strong turbulences and that the turbulence-detecting equipment did not do its job. ………