Frank R Molver (26 Feb 2011)
"Mercer Dewey Duduman"

I appreciate your input Mercer, interesting mix up.
But since it was about Duduman I guess I need to reply.
Dewey, you need to understand a few things.
We do not all agree on prophetic things here but we discuss them obviously.
Your understanding that the US is not Babylon many here would disagree with.
They call it "Mystery Babylon" for a reason.
If it was in the same place it would be less of a mystery wouldn't it.
In Isaiah 1: 9,10 God calls Israel Sodom and Gomorrah.
Different place, same name.
Now as far as Duduman is concerned, I personally knew him.
He passed away around 96, and his grandson runs the ministry now.
I can not vouch for the grandson but I can Duduman.
You can not set a date by his prophecies re the pages left in the book of life.
People are not saved in a progressive orderly fashion, the number fluctuates.
In the last days many shall turn away from the faith, many shall wax cold and sin will become rampant, just like now.
Look at the prophetic judgment on Christchurch, consider that.
BTW the prophecy of the Great disaster made around 94 about the US did happen, it was called 9-11 in 2011, the first of 3 disasters.
The next one will be biochemical and much worse.