Frank R Molver (2 Feb 2011)
"11:11 meaning is also occult, so it is a warning"

I think that this 11:11 thing that is happening to us is a warning based on a brief search I did.
There are many in the new age and occult that this is happening to also, see below.
Could it be that this will happen this year 11/11 at 11:11?
What comes after the red horse of Islamic war?
The black horse will come.
Who will be its rider?
I say it is the anti pope, the head of the one world religion.
This is from a new age web site
Before wasting your time searching through this website for some mystical meaning of 11:11, you must be aware that you will come away disappointed.  The preceding text tells the story.  The meaning of 11:11 to me is exactly what it says...  Those of us who have been living with this phenomenon were blessed to be included in a group that is meant to help change this world into what God envisioned.  He will not do it for us...  we must do everything we can to find ways to unite the people of the Earth.
That does not mean there must be only one religion, one governing body, or even a single vision.  Those of us who are a part of the 11:11 phenomena have been directed to help others learn to coexist in peace, even though they may hold very different beliefs.  Fear, greed, and misunderstanding have usually been to blame for the spilling of blood that has been a part of this world since the beginning of recorded history.  Honest communication is the first step to eradicating war and useless destruction.
If you are thinking I am a complete pacifist, who does not believe in taking up arms to protect the things we hold most dear, think again.  Although I must believe that far the majority of the population of the Earth wants a future of peace and understanding, with all nations pulling as one to accomplish wondrous things, there will always be evil.  There is power in numbers, however.  If we of the 11:11 phenomena can discover ways to bring people of all races and creeds together to fight against those who would see this world destroyed by war, and its inhabitants murdered or imprisoned by tyrants, the chances of a bright future increases immensely...  If we sit idly by and do nothing, the blessing we have been given by God to save our world will be wasted.
I am well aware that my meaning of 11:11 does not work for everybody, but if it finally puts your mind at rest, as it did mine when "the light" went on, please join me in discussing what can be done to get the ball rolling, and stop the slide toward catastrophe.  If you know others who would like to be a part, please invite them the join in.  We will undoubtedly make many mistakes, and will certainly completely disagree about the best course to take at times, but in the end, I believe we will make a difference.