Frank R Molver (19 Feb 2011)
"re Carol no repentance in hell, my personal experience"

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Repentance:  remorse or contrition for one's past actions or sins.  regret, guilt, grief, sorrow, remorse, contrition, compunction, penitence, self-reproach, sackcloth and ashes, sorriness'
I am not sharing this based on a whim.
You state that there is no repentance in hell
However I can tell you from personal experience that what you state is not true.
I personally went to hell in 1983 after asking God if it was real to show it to me so I could warn others.
This woman's vision confirmed much of the same things I experienced.
People in hell live in continual regret, going over and over there sins and asking God to give them a second chance.
You actually think they are not remorseful, sorrowful, regretful?
That's totally false.
I believe it is because of the vision of the pope that you can not except this vision.
The pope is even more responsible to God than any common man because of his office.
That does not give him a free pass.
The priests that approached the Holy of Holies in the old temple had a rope tied around there ankle and a bell on their foot.
If they were unworthy to be in there God would strike them dead.
If the bell stopped ringing they knew that God was not pleased and they had to haul the body out.
There if no grace in hell, only eternal repentance and cursing when they realize it does no good.
Over and over again.
Mercy can only be received prior to death.