Frank Molver (11 Feb 2011)
"What is really happening in Egypt and Gaza, Nein report."
Check this out.
Our leadership is very foolish.
What is going on under our noses.
The real boots on the ground are the Ikhwan’s “A-Teams,” the Takfir wal Hijra
and HAMAS in Gaza. These Islamic purists, born and bred of the al-Ikhwan
al-Muslimun, are killing Egyptian security forces in running gun battles in the
Sinai, in the border town of Rafah and conducting hit-and-run military
operations like the one last weekend near Al-Arish that took out a natural gas
pipeline serving Israel and Jordan. Half of Israel’s electricity comes from
that gas. This occurred in the same timeframe as Egypt’s receiving permission
for a waiver of the Egyptian-Israel peace treaty to deploy a couple of combat
brigades into the Sinai. Eventually the other real boots on the ground, the
IDF, will have to do something to both contain HAMAS and the other Gaza
terrorists and to maintain the increasing threat to its peace treaty with