Frank Molver (11 Feb 2011)
"re The covered eyes of Jesus could still see"


Re this is not about anyone here, but just a reflection on what shall be for Christians soon.

Some times God shows us things in the clouds and in nature
I have this scene in the mountains as I look through my window.
One day the clouds rapped around his face to make it stand out more.
It appears to me as if Jesus eyes are covered
One day as I looked at this I noticed what appeared to be the face of Judas in the cliff next to him.
He was slyly looking towards Jesus from the corner of his eye.
Judas appeared one way but had ulterior motives.
Kind of like now between Christians.
Jesus shows a noble character as he is betrayed, he knew it was going to happen.
We too have the same problem now, the betrayers are amongst us
It will seem highly unfair, but in God's kingdom there is a higher calling.
Even though we see things that are not right, God is calling us to nobility.