Frank R Molver (1 Feb 2011)
"Re preparation advice from Dewey and 2011"
I agree, 2011 looks to be a very difficult year and one should make some provision.
So I did, adding to my food and medicines materials, propane cyls, simple outside
stoves, and quick access travel bags with clothes, simple tools, meds, ponchos, the
most simple food rations for like 2-3 days etc. And of course several approaches to
self and family defense not considered before. At this point I would like to point you
folks to the reccomendations Bro Perry Stone has made recently.  Prepare for upsets
possibly lasting 1-2 weeks maybe longer.  Call his ministry for additional details if
you care to read more.
So why am I posting this reply to Kent & Amanda ?  2011 is as the Lord said to me
last fall, oct-nov 2010:  " 2011 is going to be a heavy duty year."  Look around you
bros and sisters, Haiti last year, floods last year and this year in Pakistan, Australia
and even in parts of the south USA last year, SEVERE winter weather in Europe and
in the eastern USA, with more to come.  Tuscon, Moscow airport, Tunisia, next Egypt
and Jordan, and Yemen also.  More to come folks and we will still be here for awhile
and YES, get the Lord's Word in your heart and head, speak it to your life's issues,
and remember in Proverbs we are told to prepare.
So do as you see fit, we are still going to be here awhile, and heavy events will occur and unfold, the Mid East right now is appearing to be shaping up into the process
that will result in Psalm 83 and Obadiah and Psalm 15 and 17 going down, with you
and I watching some of it on TV and the internet.  If the oil price issues get outa
control, fill up your car and truck and try not to use them un necessarily, and if a Big
One quake hits near you, the grocery stores will likely be outa food supplies in short
order.  If the power grid goes down even for 3-4 days in a large area, chaos could
result in short order. I have been personaly instructed to prepare, and am continuing to do so. 
I still look for and believe for the Rapture to occur before the Trib, just its gonna be
Bless you Doves