Fay (9 Feb 2011)
"Jeffrey T re Pale Horse"

Hi John and Doves,
Jeffrey - I believe that you're probably right about the 'reflection' theory/fact. It is a little disheartening for all who are looking for signs of the soon return of our LORD.  However, whatever caused that image - man-made lens reflection or whatever technical anomaly - it is still a warning from God. Millions upon millions of us watch breaking news footage i.e. Chile Mine rescue, Haiti earthquake etc. Of all the big news stories of the last few years - only two of them produced a peculiar 'vision'. The first was the heartbreaking image of the Twin Trade Towers collapsing. The Angels, demons etc., that formed in the smoke, were astounding. The steel Cross that stood at the end!!!! Many would call it a trick of the light, camera angles, smoke images that can be made to look like anything - blah blah blah. The fact remains that they were there and are still viewed on the Internet. This 'pale horse' appeared on camera - in Egypt - during a time of unbelievable, prophetic tension in the Middle East. Whatever the 'technical cause', the fact remains that the whole world was watching - being urgently alerted to unfolding Bible prophecy.
Actually, I must add that I did witness something peculiar during the live coverage of the Chile Mine rescue. The camera kept panning around whilst we were waiting for the next miner to come up through the drilled hole. Several times, the camera picked up on 3 horsemen, in the hills, surrounding the rescue operation. It was most odd. They just sat there, watching.
I know there will be some who will be disappointed that this footage wasn't of an actual ghostly horseman. It should not detract from the message we were, so obviously, being given, by the LORD.
God Bless you Jeffrey and Doves,
In Jesus' Beloved Name
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