Fay (6 Feb 2011)
"Psalm 83 and Zechariah's Tomb"

Hi John and Doves,
In 2006, an Irish tractor driver narrowly missed shredding an ancient manuscript, buried deep in an Irish peat bog. The beautifully preserved document was opened to expose Psalm 83. Link below:-
The Israeli's have just made the miraculous discovery of Zechariah's tomb. Link below:-
The prophecies of Zechariah are quite something! I have provided a couple of links that give you an overview of this profound book. I was completely ignorant, regarding Zechariah, and this is like discovering gold. I believe our Father God is alerting us to an imminent start to these prophecies. Links below:-
http://www.messianic-literary.com/zech.htm This link points to one gruesome prophecy, titled, "Prophecy and the Neutron Bomb?"
It is well worth while studying the prophecies of Zechariah - considering the times we live in.