Fay (28 Feb 2011)
"Myra re Pale Horse footage"

Hi John and Doves,
Myra - I understand why you want this footage verified. It would cement exactly what you are instinctively feeling - that the Pale Horse of Revelations was released during the Egypt crisis. Personally, I don't give a jot if it was "reflections" or some other anomaly. The whole world is now aware of that horse vision/sighting and there's not a single person who can honestly say (Christian or otherwise) that they are 100% sure that it was a mere fluke. It happened - it was there. This alone fills me with utter joy because it verifies that our Almighty God is in complete control - no matter what the machinations of the AC are. All these signs are about Jesus Christ, our beloved LORD and Saviour, letting His church know, just where we are in the end times. We are being shown, Myra!! Isn't that mind blowing?
BTW - how many of these "flukes" or technical anomalies occur? Never mind just on main stream, prime time TV. I cannot remember a single incident!! The fact that this happened in Egypt - during an extremely prophetic end time event and could NOT have been deliberately engineered! Seriously - what are the odds? A bookie would give you 10 trillion to one. Haha.
Don't you worry, dearest Myra - the vision was directly from our LORD - no matter how it occurred.
Praise His Holy Name