Fay (26 Feb 2011)
"Wendy re Islam's Billy Graham"

Hi John and Doves,
Wendy - your post: - http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/feb2011/wendy225.htm. I can only gasp. Seriously - the LORD is sending signs, thick and fast. I first saw this chap, in early 2010 - being interviewed by Christine Amanpour, when she was still with CNN. I was fairly new to this whole "watchman" thing. I had just cottoned on to the Hal Lindsey Report etc., and it had whetted my appetite. The interview was the most bizarre thing I had ever witnessed on television. The guy is a NUTTER!!! He was almost (I exaggerate not) foaming at the mouth. He was over enthusiastic and gushing - talking about getting young Muslims into helping themselves, raising money for this purpose etc. He was vociferous (madly so) about beating Islamic fundamentalism and that the problems in the Middle East - the extremism etc., - was because of poverty and lack of direction. Great big blobs of truth mixed in with his madness. Believe me - if you see him live - he's not a full box of chocolates.
I wrote to a Christian website who are very emphatic that the AC will be Muslim. This website is very much involved with Walid Shoebat - an ex Muslim who is very active in stressing that Islam is the fountainhead that the AC will spring from. To be honest, he does make a lot of sense. Be that as it may - I wrote to say that I thought that I had just seen (on TV) one of the minions of the False Prophet. If not THE false prophet. Weeks and months went by without anything else being heard, or seen, from this weird chap. I read your post and knew - instantly - who you were talking about. Then I clicked on the link and saw his photo. It sure is him. He has risen out of all the chaos in the Middle East. My instinct is revulsion. He's another fake - making money off the poor. He dresses beautifully - tailored up to the eyeballs. Goodness - what a show-off. Particularly when you are dealing with the desperately poor and needy. He reminds me of the worst of the telly evangelists - making money off the spiritually needy. He certainly is one to watch. Any "personality" that arises out of these chaotic days, is to be viewed with utmost suspicion. Thank you so much, Wendy. I always wondered when I was going to see this man again.