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"111 and 222"

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Delving further on the 111th day of the year (21st April, 2011) I researched the 222nd day of the year too. (considering the date of the Christchurch earthquake of 22.2, I think this is meaningful):
21st April 2011 (111th day of the year) is 19 days before 10th May 2011 - Israel's Independence Day. There were 19 years between 1948 and 1967. The Christchurch earthquake of 22.2.2011 is 77 days from 10th May, 2011.
The 222nd day of 2011 is 10 August - Av 10. On this day, in Jewish history, Av 10 falls into the "Nine Days" of mourning for the burning of the Holy Temple in 70AD. The Romans set the Temple aflame on the afternoon of Av 9 and it continued to burn through Av 10. For this reason, some of the mourning practices of the "Nine Days" are observed through the morning hours of Av 10.
Expulsion from Gaza (10 August, 2005)  http://www.chabad.org/calendar/view/day_cdo/aid/150014/Jewish/Av-10.htm
All text, below, copied and pasted from the above link:
Expulsion from Gaza (2005)   Less

More than 8,500 Jewish residents were forcefully expelled from their homes in 25 towns and settlements in the Gaza Strip (including 16 settlements in the flourishing "Gush Katif" belt) and Northern Shomron in the summer of 2005, as part of the Israeli government's ill-fated "Disengagement Plan."

Av 10 was the deadline set by the governments for all Jews to leave their homes in these areas. Two days later, tens of thousands of soldiers and police officers began the forceful removal of the thousands who refused to leave willingly. The removal of all Jewish residents from Gush Katif and the Gaza Strip was completed by Av 17, and from Northern Samaria a day later. The army completed its withdrawal from these areas on the 8th of Elul, after bulldozing all the hundreds of homes and civic buildings in the settlements. The Jewish dead were disinterred and removed from the cemeteries. Only the synagogues were left standing.

The government's hopes that the "disengagement" would open "new opportunities" in relations with the Palestinian Arabs were bitterly disappointed. No sooner had the last Israeli soldiers departed from the Gaza Strip that Arab mobs began looting, desecrating and tourching the synagogues. The vacated settlements became the staging grounds for terrorist attacks against Israel, including the unremitting rocket fire on the nearby Israeli town of Sederot and the cities and settlements of the Western Negev.


10th August

Arab terrorists exploded a bomb in the the Jewish community center (AMIA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, killing 86 and wounding more than 300, in the most lethal attack against any Diaspora Jewish community since the Holocaust.


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