Fay (22 Feb 2011)
"Myra re Heron"

Hi John and Doves,
Myra - I haven't seen the Heron in quite awhile. However, it's quite unreal how you asked about it. Our Father God is working BIG time, in all of us. Let me explain.
We had to drive into London yesterday - just for the day. It's only an hour and half drive but it's boring old motorway (freeway) for much of the journey. The traffic was surprisingly light and didn't bottle neck (as it normally does) as we reached the outskirts. I was tired so was not taking much notice of anything going on around us. Normally, I do look for interesting cars or weird people - just for a bit of light relief. This time was different!! Like most Christians, with the Middle East kicking off as it is, my mind is very much on the Rapture and unfolding Bible prophecy. As we were driving, I was thinking about the AC being a living human who gets indwelt by Satan. Wondering about where this AC will arise from - the EU - Syria - Jerusalem, America etc., etc. We came to halt - briefly - right next to a billboard, advertising the new Lynx "Excite" campaign. This is a huge campaign which has just been released. You have got to look at this - astonishing:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3Ur2wbwlhE (notice which floor the elevator stops in this ad) Interesting that the ads were made in Italy.
The very next advert (a big poster, pasted on the inside of a bus shelter) was for the new movie, starring Daniel Craig. The title of the movie: - "Unknown". Now my interest was piqued ( to say the least). I googled the movie when we got home, later that evening, and the plot line is about a man (Daniel Craig) having a bizarre accident and ending up in a coma. He wakes up to realise that his identity has been stolen. It's rather convoluted but the gist is that nobody believes him - not even his family. You can Google (or Ask.com) this and watch teaser trailers for the movie. His identity was stolen - this was a key message, considering what my thought pattern was.
We had a pleasant day in London. Very tired now and just wanting to get home. Not looking forward to the journey at all! Sunday evening traffic tends to be heavy. Again - the traffic was surprisingly light. We had to take a different route home as we were dropping off others in different parts of London. The heating in the car was at full blast and I was very tempted to nod off. What woke me up was yet another huge billboard with the Lynx ad with even bigger letters - "EVEN ANGELS WILL FALL". Right next to it was a massive advert for the "Unknown" movie. My heart started to race - even though I'd seen these ads on our way into London. Something was making me sit up and take a lot more notice. With that, a sleek Porsche screeched on brakes, in front of us. The number plate was what threw me. I can't remember the rest of the letters but what I saw was - 666 PAL. Pal? (I thought) What the heck could that mean? A "pal" is a friend!!! Immediately, I was shown that PAL was short for Palestine. It wasn't any "picture" that showed me that - it was just a flash of enlightenment. I can't explain it with words. It all happened in seconds. Remember - the traffic was light, so these things were happening rather quickly. As you can imagine, I'm now quite wide awake - a little freaked out, I have to admit. Now, I am thinking about the Rapture and it's imminence - because of all these "signs" that I'm seeing - all in quick succession. With which, we come to a halt in front of another billboard ad with a beautiful photo of a gorgeous bride - advertising a bridal company called "Mae". Actually, it was Mae......and something else - a surname. Again - stunned at the bridal theme but not getting the name "Mae" connection. Only to recognise - seconds later - that it was pointing to the month of May. I've tried googling it but it's not showing up - probably because I can't remember the full name of the bridal company. I've been in a bit of a blur since that journey. We got home and I started to pray - earnestly. I had doubts about what I had seen - whether it meant something - if it was prophetic - and wanted a heads up from the LORD re posting the experience on Doves. I asked the LORD to send the Heron as a sign that I should post this experience on Doves. The morning passed without anything. At last - Monday's letters arrived on the Dove website. There you were, Myra - bringing up the Heron!! The LORD didn't send the physical Heron but He sure did bring up the subject - through you. This is all beyond coincidence. I am totally blown away. Link to Myra's post:-
Tomorrow is 22nd February, 2011. I posted that this is a date that I have a great deal of trepidation for. I said that, if it's not the Rapture - something will happen on this day that will point to the Rapture. I'm taking a big risk by putting this in print. I could be totally wrong. However, I added up the numbers. 22 + 2 + 20 + 11 = 55. I also took the 22 +2 (222) and divided it by 11 (the chaos number) and got = 20.18 18 18. These numbers come down to 11. I am sure that something meaningful is going to happen. Something prophetic. I guess that's hardly difficult - considering what's going on!!
God Bless you all.
In Jesus' Beloved Name