Fay (2 Feb 2011)
"111 and Other Numbers"

Hi John and Doves,
I was watching a repeat of the National Geographic documentary - "2012 - The Final Prophecy" when something clicked. After reading this post from Katy Brashear on 25th January 2011 (link below)
I realised that we have been handed a date on a plate!! (Or *silver platter* if you prefer). If you access the link in Katy's post, it takes you to the Seed the Series website and blog. Fascinating. Utterly fascinating. I spent many an intense hour, reading the articles and watching the clips. All the blogs, clips and evidence takes you quite deep into the realm of the occult that our leaders, Kings and Queens occupy. From the mysterious Georgia Guide Stones to bizarre statues of George Washington - made to look like some Greek god (and Baphomet) and weird paintings of Abe Lincoln. All genuine and viewed by tourists all the time. The huge Masonic influence, with their symbolism and numerology, feature highly. George W Bush and his membership in Skull and Bones. The dollar bill - the great seal - the all seeing eye - the capless pyramid etc. Once you've accessed Katy's link - be sure to read the first page, Raising Babylon 2012, then access the first 3 chapters, titled:
The Genesis Experiment
The Man of Many Names
The First shall be the Last
Seventy Two and Red Moon Rising
The Omega Plan
We have to take our blinkers off and fully realise just what evil we are dealing with in these last days. Extremely occultist and supernatural. Involving the Nephilim of old. Chuck Missler covers this wonderfully in his Nephilim series on you tube. Perhaps the most damning evidence re the "2012 - The End" theory is the Norway Spiral on December 9th 2009. A leaked document from Wikileaks, told of the red alert plan to get Obama into the "2012 Alice Bunker". Link here :-
So we have a date. 21st December 2012. This is the 'enemy date'. Judging by the " 2012 Alice Bunker" reaction to the Norway Spiral - it's pretty obvious that "they" (TPTB) are definitely expecting something huge in 2012. They are all believers in the occult, so it stands to reason that they take the Mayan Calendar pretty  seriously. The fact that they've built a bunker, in expectation of *something* in 2012, tells us that the *something* is large and potentially destructive. Now, I am pretty numerate in a 'functional' way, so am adrift when it comes to working the numbers back - or forward - from that date. I am hoping that one of our brilliant numbers people, on Doves, can make more sense of this. In the Dresden Codex  (Mayan), the final chapter consists of an elaborate illustration of the final day. Lots of destruction, involving water, flooding, dragons etc.
This is going to seems a bit disjointed so, please, bear with me. 888 is the numerical value of our LORD Jesus. 777 signifies spiritual completeness, In the firmament of heaven, man of prayer or 'plucked' (Dan 7:8) I've always felt that 777 may represent the fullness of the Church, i.e. Spiritual completeness.
21st December 2012 = 21 + 12 + 20 + 12 = 65.   6 + 5 = 11 (a Masonic/occult number - chaotic number)
666 = The number of the Beast
888 - 777 = 111               777 - 666 = 111. (Simple math, agreed, but it has to be significant.)
888 - 666 = 222              
888 + 777 = 1665            Divide 1665 with the *3* of the Trinity = 555
555 represents "walking with God" (Bible Wheel)
2011 has 365 days. 2012 is a leap year, so has 366 days. 365 + 366 = 731. Minus the 10 days from 21.12.2012 = 721 days from 1.1.2011 to 21.12.2012.
So - there are 688 days to go before 21st December 2012 (as of 2nd Feb 2011) If 21st December 2012 is the day that the anti Christ is revealed - or the day of the abomination that causes desolation - what could all this mean? If we take 29th September 2008 (777.68 stock market crash) as a starting point and count down to 21st December 2012, we arrive at 1543 days.
Interestingly, there were 111 days from the Chile mine rescue (13th October 2010) to 31st Jan 2011!
Christchurch Earthquake (4th Sept 2010) to 21st Dec 2012 = 840 days
Chile Mine Rescue (13th Oct 2010) to 21st December 2012 = 801 days
Easter Island Solar Eclipse (11th July 2010) to 21st Dec 2012 = 895 days
UFO/light landing on the Temple Mount (28th Jan 2011) to 21st Dec 2012 = 694 days
I have totally fried my brain now! Please would some math whizz (John Tng, Phil Rogers, Bob Ware, Daniel Matson et al) please help out here? If we can figure something from 21st December 2012, I reckon we may well be, on the right track.