Fay (16 Feb 2011)
"Spoely - Horse Deaths"

Hi John and Doves,
Spoely - thanks for that weird story. Your post:
I have been trying to get more information regarding the Newbury horses but there's just silence, so far. I'm sure this is because they simply can't figure out what the heck happened. The experts, on the day, were explaining away the fact that no humans, also in the ring and close to the affected horses, were affected. A few theories are that the horses had steel plates (shoes) and were, therefore, more susceptible. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't it a fact that, if you are touching someone or something, whilst they are being electrocuted, it affects you the same way? You will also suffer the same electricity. The stable lads were actually holding the reins of these horses when they went down. They reported feeling electric shocks coming off the horses, when they were down, but had not felt the shocks when they were holding the reins and the horses started kicking out. The so-called electric shocks were enough to kill these horses but not the other horses who had been spooked. I find the whole thing very bizarre and would love to hear from an expert on electricity and how this might be explained.
Hope you find out the names of those horses, Spoely.