Fay (16 Feb 2011)
"Neil Lipken re NWO"

Hi John and Doves,
I have been doing some research, since watching the Aaron Russo clip. I think that it's very important to document our findings on Five Doves. Link to Neil Lipken's post re this clip:
Neil, it would be fascinating to get the link regarding your 9/11 findings. Your theory makes so much sense. Just what we need in this climate of deception and evil.
The common theme that runs through the you tube clips that I've found (some of them are a few years old) is that extra terrestrials are another elite invention. The whole "government cover-up - secrecy pact" thing is also a ruse. The actual technology does exist but is man-made. The so-called aliens are actually demons. Much like 9/11, an alien/UFO invasion will be staged, in the near future, in order to terrify the public. Once this is achieved, the elite will find it easy to establish their beloved New World Order. I have given just one of the links:-
It still feels slightly insane to be talking about these things. However, we all know, from increased sightings, that these things exist. The priority is getting to the truth of the matter. Just as Hitler created a climate of fear to achieve his goals, 9/11 was staged to achieve the NWO via "a war on terror" . Please God, we won't be here to witness the coming mayhem, but we have to try and warn people - people who will be reading this website and accessing youtube, whilst they still can. The majority of science documentaries show us that life just does not exist elsewhere. Many experts/physicists etc., reckon, that if it did - we would have heard from them by now. So-called aliens are actually demons. Something about this conspiracy theory rings the bells of truth for me. The coming deception could very well be that people will believe the lie regarding an alien invasion. Fascinating that this movie regarding just such a thing, is to be aired on 3/11/11. As posted by T.O., on 14th February:
I shall be making a point of watching the V series. Thank you, James S for that link to ABC
I still believe that the balls of light, as in the Foo Fighters of WW11, and the one's that I, and others, have witnessed, are from God. Jesus, Himself, describes Himself as "the light". I won't be pedantic about this, but that is my instinct.