Fay (14 Feb 2011)
"Weird Horse Deaths"

Hi John and Doves,
It's been a funny old weekend. What, with Egypt AND not being able to access the Dove website letters!!! These are but a smidge of the weirdness.
Newbury race course (UK) is a very high profile race course - in the same league as Ascot etc. Famous as heck. There was a bizarre incident today (Saturday, 12th February, 2011) involving two horses. We used to own race horses so I understand where this all happened. The horses, for the impending race, were being led into the parade circle/ring when they became "spooked" by something. One horse was just spooked - the other 2 died. The names of the 2 dead horses are (wait for it) - Fenix 2 and Marching Song. Fenix is obviously a phonetic play on the title "Phoenix" and Marching Song - well really - it speaks for itself. As I have stated before - I am no expert on numbers and the whole science behind it, but, after all the bizarre horse related incidents, I am thoroughly convinced that the horsemen of the Apocalypse are on the march. How many "hints" does the LORD have to give us? It was quite by accident that I happened upon these news headlines. I had gone upstairs to start folding the endless pairs of socks that my family go through! The live footage is rather distressing for animal lovers but I shall post it as soon as it becomes available. The "experts" are trying to make sense of it all by guessing that the horses had suffered some sort of electrical shock. In all fairness - that's exactly what it looked like. There are "paddocks" below the level of the parade ring (apparently).
It's the most odd piece of film. The horses juddered and jerked for a short period and then just keeled over.
I have posted on Doves the 3 horsemen that I noticed during the live footage of the Chile Mine rescue. Then we had the pale horse footage during the Egypt debacle. I have not mentioned another horse incident that I found weird. It occurred just prior to the tense debate on Doves, regarding Glenn Beck. Glenn was interviewing a fellow, by the name of Huntsman, who had written a book titled "How to win without cheating" or words to that effect. I remember thinking that it was all rather manipulative and fake. A veritable orgy of patting each other on the back and "hail fellow, well met" type thing. I have since learned that Huntsman Snr has a son who has POTUS ambitions and that they are Mormons. Hmmm - be that as it may.....on prominent display, in the background, were statues of mounted horses. These horses were in alcoves in the set design. Two of them. It registered, simply because Glenn Beck does not, ordinarily, have these on display. Ever. I have major misgivings about the Mormon involvement in end-time scenario. They are rich and powerful - politically connected etc. Add religion to the mix and you have a powerful formula. I must quickly add that I've noticed that Glenn Beck is pointing out the (obvious) danger to Israel regarding the Egyptian uprising. I am grateful that someone, at least, has noticed. However, it doesn't detract from the fact that Glenn Beck is a Mormon proper and is not in line with Christian theology. It just goes to show how easy it will be to fool people in the end times. Let's face it - anyone would look like a hero compared to the bumbling idiot, Obama.
God Bless you all
In Jesus' Beloved Name