Fay (12 Feb 2011)
"Suzi and Doves re "V""

Hi John and Doves,
I am most miffed that we (in UK) have no idea of the current TV series, "V". Years ago - back in the late 1980's, a movie came out, called "V". It was in the days that owning a video recorder/player was a sign of being "comfortably off" - haha. It was an 8 part series (I think) and it was about aliens taking on human form, that they couldn't sustain for that long. They had quite gory shots of these alien/humans, swallowing lizards (and similar) whole - dislocating their jaws - a la  "American Werewolf in Paris". It was absolutely riveting and we stayed up until 4am, watching tape after tape. I take it that this current series is a spin off? Does anybody have any idea if we can stream this off the Internet (legally, of course). The more you guys talk about it, the more fascinating it sounds. Not just because I'm a sci-fi fan but because I also believe that someone, somewhere, knows exactly what's going on. It's no accident that movies are preambles to "real life in the future". That's the thing about the AC and his cronies - they may be creating untold chaos in the world but they are peculiarly clumsy about it. Almost buffoonish. Lots of over-blown ego's about.