Fay (11 Feb 2011)
"Paul Horne re China's Ghost cities "

Link to Paul's post:- http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/feb2011/paulh29.htm
You theory makes brilliant sense, Paul. My theory is more, seemingly, 'out there'. Say you were a super power - getting stronger by the day, and your aim was to field an army (eventually) of 200 million. Wouldn't you need to house them somewhere? They'd be a well trained, well nourished army. You'd need to keep them happy - otherwise, an army of that size, may well turn on you. Now, where would you get an army of that size, without raiding the farmers and peasant 'stock'? I believe we may talking about the Nephilim here. If, like many say, there is a lot of hanky panky with cloning, breeding, stem cell research etc., it's not a totally freaky idea.
These ghost cities are very futuristic and do not reflect the way the majority of Chinese folk live today. The Chinese are importing shed loads of coal, minerals, iron..........the list goes on. Where's it all going and what's it all for? I watched a documentary, last night, about the Chinese presence in Africa. Unnerving. They are flooding into Africa and using up everything they can find. The Chinese are the new colonialists - with a difference. The only infrastructure they put in, is transport. Rail links etc., to get the produce from A to B. All the profits and proceeds go straight back to China. All the companies that China has set up in Africa, are staffed by Chinese people. The locals hardly benefit at all. China is leaving the whole world behind and are advancing rapidly. All we can do is choke on the dust!!
I'm a big believer in the return of the Nephilim. Going by scripture, they are here and they are MEAN! It will be just as in the days of Noah. Back then, the Nephilim were operating in the open. They've kept themselves well hidden up till now. I guess this is because they haven't been "released from the pit" yet. The great tribulation is going to be mind shatteringly terrifying. Like nothing the world has ever seen. I'm sure you agree, the world has seen some pretty vile stuff. According to scripture - the world has seen nothing yet.