Eillem Rojas (22 Feb 2011)
"sharing this dream with you"


Sorry is That i had to Translate since it happen in Spanish God Bless Let Me Know What you Think. I was looking around and i came upon With your page.

On Saturday December 11, 2010 This was on a Saturday my Husband family had invited us to a family party im not into those things anymore but my husband went with my mother in law i told my husband to drop me off in church and then pick me up when it was over so that's what he did he brought me home and my kids ate and we all when to sleep my husband went back to the party. so we all felt to sleep all of the sudden something woke me up something made me wake up so i got up and went to the living room and i looked out of the window to see in my husband car was there but they where not home yet  so when back to bed and i lay in bed and turn the TV on and eventually they Got home around 5am so everyone went to sleep i fell a sleep and That's when my Dream begins i Was sleeping just like Before and I heard God Voice that told me Get Up so i Woke me up then he told me go to the living room so i went to the living room then the voice said look at the Window and i  looked out of the Window and i saw far away like a parachute and attach to it it was a missile and i started to look at it closely and i see that its going towards New York City and i see that it falls on New York City and it made a horrible explosion like a Bomb it was so strong that i felt it in New Jersey it was like a atomic Bomb That's What it looked in my Dream and as i see that i started to Run since i see that it had affected my street and city and i started to see New York City Started to go under Water and i started to run in a panic and i said to my husband God Show me this Before in a Dream and i didn't Listen to him He warn me of this he told me to gather water and food to put away water and food and i didn't listen to him and i said God Pliz Help Me What to do so i started to pack Clothe for my Kids a Pair for each Kid of Clothe and i said God Told me To Pack Food Water, Clothe and i kept on saying that he told me to save food water and i said lets leave here. and when we where living i see that The military was coming in so they where not letting people get out of the city and they told us go back home so we go back home and i tell my husband now what are we going to eat since i had no food. and all of the sudden  i see that they keep attacking helicopter are everywhere bombing people and i said God Protect us so  i tell my kids Lay on the Floor and i see that they Started to shoot at us but they couldn't get us God was protecting us and then they came and they ask me how old is he and i said he is 15 and they said we are taking him he could use him and i said no pliz don't take him and i woke up.

After i woke up i had this feeling in me so i pray To God and told him that if he was trying to warn me of something to let me know let me dream the dream again to talk to me in other ways. so i lay in bed just thinking of the dream i just had i was a wake i had my eyes close and as a lay in bed i feel someone Touch my Face Gently with His hand i thought it was my Baby since she sleeps with us in the middle so i didn't think nothing of it and then i felt the same thing in my right Arm and i jump because she couldn't have been able to touch me. so i said i know is you God Thank you And Tell me what you are trying to warn me. Eillem Rojas