Edwina (28 Feb 2011)
"Phil and Fay re; Man-made earth quakes and HAARP."

Dear Phil and Fay,
Really appreciated your HAARP information, I had been thinking for sometime that all these earthquakes feel as if from the "dark" side!!
Fay, I have been thinking exactly what you have put into words!!! Yes, you cannot get more blunt than that, Conception, Christs' Church...at least we are on the "winning" side.
It is awesome to see all these horrid things and to "know that you know" that we are going to be taken out of this dimension just in a "SUDDENLY"...moment.
I have been thinking that as time passes and we go past each relevant date....we will be burning up with Spiritual Closeness to JESUS.....and we may feel like we are being left far too late, but, it will come, the Rapture just when someone's going to press a nuclear botton.....  just holy speculation!
Thanks for all you hard work, very very much appreciated, at least we are not ignorant of the oppostion's tackticks.
See you in the Heavenlies, someday...in Jesus,edwina.