Edwina (24 Feb 2011)

Dear John and all Doves,
A few weeks ago I visited a Baptist Church and the Fire of God hit me like a flood.
The next morning the Spirit of God came upon me and gave me a message for the pastor there, as above!
The next week I went to Mass and the Presence of God came upon me and during Mass the Holy Spirit made His presence felt with shaking, tears and a deep, DEEP hunger, and yearning inside me for the Church to WAKE UP....later Jesus said to tell the Priest the same message and to pass it on to the Bishop.
I feel a boldness to not care one jott, not one bit, what man thinks of me, I only care what Jesus thinks? Halleluia! what a freedom this brings.
I pray a similar boldness will come upon all of you my friends and make us reckless and bold in proclaiming the soon Coming of Christ our Lord.
Thanks to all you wonderful doves who keep digging and keeping us all up to date on Planet X and so much more!!
God Bless you all in the mighty mighty Name of Jesus.
In growing excitement and  sober gravity of the reality of Matthew 24.