Edwina (2 Feb 2011)

Dear Doves,
Has everyone seen the 13th January - Archive video, where Dutch Sheets, gives a "word" on his twenty years of waiting for this Third Great Awakening that has actually started now, in USA and now gathering momentum all over the planet?
Very, very interesting and that even though the world is becoming darker and more oppressive with poor Israel surrounded by enemies, it's only a matter of time before the Muslim Brotherhood get a grip on Egypt. When Jerusalem is divided  according to Obadiah it will all be supernaturally dealt with.
In the mean time, this outpouring of the Holy Spirit is going to multiply as appossed to just "increasing" as Dutch Sheets explains....and he also says that the miraculous will be the norm.....sounds good to me.
This does make you live and pray each day like it could be your "last" since there is such violence in the physical and in the spiritual realms.
We must pray for Israel and her peoples she must be feeling daunted and hemmed in by regimes who hate her so....
I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and as Scripture is written, declare that the Our Great God will keep His Hand over His People.
By the way, I have been greatly blessed by Our Incredible! Wonderful! Jesus! and pray all doves find time to Praise Him and be filled up and don't go empty, fill your cup and keep it topped up, Jesus will protect us if we are saturated in His Holy Presence!
Edwina. p.s www.GODTV/Thebay is the address if someone needs the address.