Edwina (2 Feb 2011)
"TO RENE ; RE Chem-Trails"

Hello Rene!
Well, I discovered something very sinister regarding the Chem-trails chemicals. Apparently, "they" the NWO mob, are spraying not only to kill us humans, they are messing up the florna and flora of nature  i;e; God's Wonderful, beautiful, complex creation. ...by making the normal plants non-resistant by GM chemicals, so that if a man wanted to grow his own food, on his own land, the water is now contaminated and the food will be weak and of little harvesting use.
Perversly and twistedly, ONLY Genetically Modified grain and seeds will be resistant to all the "poisons" they are spraying into the atmosphere. So, that when the world-wide famine happens you can only buy and sell food if you are oart of the New World Order and have the "mark" RDF chip thing.
I watched a video of a man who worked for an air craft company maybe he was in the forces I really cannot recall but, he started to follow the leads, literally on a plane that he was servicing and "they" rang him up and told him, "curiosity killed the cat" and that he should refrain from researching on the internet and he lost his job over it.
The Illiminate is a dangerous and manipulating entity and we all know "who" is their ring leader!
I was totally outraged and I saw more today in the sky. It is strange that when your eyes have been opened to the truth of things you really begin to see so much more.
I Praise Jesus, and the Most Holy Spirit for lifting, veils to let His children know the signs of the times.
Isn't it wonderful to know the God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit knew what would happen at the beginning so there are absolutely no surprises for The Holy Trinity!
Thanks for your reply and I hope I haven't repeated what you already know!!
God Bless, fellow watcher. It's ironic that we are watching them who are watching us!!!!!!