Ed (9 Feb 2011)
"It Is A Reflection"

I love reading fivedoves.  Many times I disagree with certain conclusions.  I never understand at all, the number people.
However, this thing with the horseman in Egypt is becoming very frustrating.  I am concerned about the credibility of this site, if the unsaved come to visit, which I pray they do, and they read those who are adamant that this reflection is actually a biblical prophecy fulfilled.  And, unlike facebook, we can't have a give and take conversation, so I only get to share my thoughts once, because I don't dwell or argue peripherals.  JESUS IS LORD, everything else is perepheril and much less important.  So.
It Was A Reflection.  A very eerie, maybe inspriring reflection, but a reflection nonetheless.
If you can find the full report, there is a scene which passes very quickly in which this camera is being set up, and you can see the reflection bounce up and down as the camera is put into its proper place.  that and other aspects of the full footage shows it is a reflection.
As to the orb over the Temple Mount...I have no doubt that was real.  I haven't a clue what it actually was, but it is defintiely real.
Thank you for the opportunity to share these points