Ed (23 Feb 2011)
"Responding to Paul's Post"

2/22/11 Paul posted:
I used to go to WorldNetDaily every night to see the latest news and events but now I find myself disinterested in the news of the day so often I find, as grandpa Simpson said, “it angries up the blood”. there is nothing I can do to change these thing so I figure why read and get upset about them. anyone else similarly disinterested in news and events?? is this part of the separation from
this world???
I don't know if its part of the separation, but I get simliar feelings.  With me, I can't understand the anger directed at people who merely mention the name of Jesus.  And the absolute total blindness to truth which is staring one in the face.  The lies are so flagrant these days, yet they go unchallenged, and become totally accepted, and woe unto you if you attempt to shed the light of truth.  It is truly amazing...and sad.