Ed (18 Feb 2011)
"To Phil: Red Sea Pharoah & Gematria"

I have a rdiculously hard time with the gematria stuff, but it keeps showing up, so I figured maybe I need to get a clue.
In you post "Pharoah at the Red Sea"  I pulled this quote:
Mubarak, as per John's post (AlArabiya.net) said " Hosni Mubarak, went into a full coma on Saturday night".
That date was 2/12/2011.
The day gap is 1865 days. 1865, believe it or not is 5 x 373.
373 is the Greek gematria for the Greek word LOGOS used in John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word (LOGOS)..."
Specifically "believe it or not is 5 x 373.
Where is the "5" coming from?